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SURF™ for Teachers

Social Understanding and Responsible Functioning teacher education programs address methods for improving student behavior and social functioning on a classroom-wide basis (Tier 1).

Training can be delivered via live in-person presentation, webinar, or as a series of recorded lessons.

The program can be delivered via live in-person presentation, ongoing classes, webinars, or as a series of recorded self-paced lessons.

We offer a combination of initial social-emotional screening, program instruction, and ongoing data collection.

The SURF™Program is based upon a thorough review of the research literature, plus the clinical experience of Dr. Bruce Gale, clinicial psychologist, and his staff over the past 16 years with more than 1,500 students.

SURF™ for Parents

Social Understanding and Responsible Functioning parent education programs are time-limited and designed to help families whose children are experiencing emotional dyscontrol, oppositionality, and defiance. Typical diagnoses include ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome, ODD, although some children have no diagnosis.

Courses are time-limited and blend in-office meetings with online reviews. Parents track their performance during the course of the 10-session program plus there is a pre-group assessment.

Parents learn effective parenting from a developmental-behavioral perspective, how to manage technology use, and specific strategies to practice and employ.

We offer a combination of initial social-emotional screening, program instruction, and ongoing data collection.

LUNCH Groups®

Started in 2001, LUNCH Groups® is a transdiagnostic social learning skills program for children, teens, and adults. To date, we have treated more than 1,500 students and adults in our programs.

Six Core Treatment Areas: 

1) Executive Function;
2) Pragmatic Language;
3) Social Competence;
4) Daily Living;
5) Academic Readiness;
6) Environmental Awareness

In general, we focus on helping students improve their skills across a range of developmentally-driven behaviors. We also attempt to emulate a blend between a pseudo-academic setting and naturalistic settings. This is one of the reasons we take the group members out to eat. It provide a more natural forum and environment for promoting conversations and related skills.

We offer an 8 month school year program for grades K-12 and an intensive 64 hour summer program for grades 2-12, both held at our Encino, CA office.

For more information visit www.lunchgroups.com

School Year Program
This program  involve active listening, following directions the first time, effective conversational skills, looking around for environmental hazards, and emotional control. We pay attention to the cognitive, emotional, and social development for each child and adjust our goals, expectations, and strategies accordingly.

There is a strong parent support and education component as well. This includes monthly webinars which are recorded for later viewing and review; three parents sessions per month (only need to attend one of them) where we review videos of the students' behavior in sessions and discuss relevant strategies to help parents. Additionally, there is unlimited email consultation.

Summer Programs
It combines more intensive levels of direct services with additional individualized parent education and support. Besides the typical elements that are part of the LUNCH Groups® School Year Program, the opportunity to work with students for sustained time periods multiple times per week typically produces more significant changes in behavior, based upon previous parent feedback and staff observations. Unlike our school year program, the bulk of our activities involves outings. This permits us to focus on individual student social skills needs in a more naturalistic, community-based manner.  

Training Information

BehaviorTech Solutions, Inc. is proud to be an APA Approved Sponsor of Continuing Professional Education for both Live Seminars, Workshops, Webinars, and self-paced Home Study Programs.

We offer training on a variety of childhood diagnoses, assessment techniques, methods for integrating technology into clinical intervention, behavior management strategies, and data collection methods.

Technology Training

BehaviorTech Solutions, Inc offers individual and group training on a variety of technologies to help professionals increase student motivation, incorporate immersive assessment and treatment techniques into the intervention process, speed administrative procedures, and collect data.

Trainings include videography, computer animation, writing tools, spreadsheets, databases, dynamic survey creation, and data collection.

Trainings are offered in-person and via teleconferencing.

Sample of Areas Covered:

  • Using computer animation with students individually and in groups;

  • Using video to assess pragmatic social skills;

  • Developing HIPAA and FERPA compliant data tracking systems for students;

  • Building quick, simple, and powerful websites;

  • Creating secure survey-based interviews for collecting student data from parents as part of the psychoeducational and functional behavior assessment process


The Comprehensive Behavior Assessment & Treatment Tools (C-BATT®) provides educational and mental health interventionists with a growing set of online tools to help students. Brief descriptions of each appear below, with ordering information available. All interested professionals are required to complete a User Qualification Form prior to using any of these tools.

Current C-BATT®Tools include:
- Rapid Screener® Initial Assessment
- Rapid Screener® Progress Reporting
- Rapid Screener® Retrospective Review
- Rapid Screener® Early Development
- Behavior Program Online Scoring System
- Progress Communicator®
- Behavior Certificate
- Quick Intake
- Developmental History

Watch Video Intro to learn more about Rapid Screener®

BehaviorTech Solutions, Inc is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists.
BehaviorTech Solutions, Inc. maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

For LPCC, LCSW, LEP, & MFT Attendees: Effective 7/1/2015, the California Board of Behavioral Sciences has informed us
they accept all CE hours for providers that are approved APA Sponsoring Organizations. 

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