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Established in 1998, BehaviorTech Solutions, Inc., founded by Dr. Bruce Gale, is dedicated to the development of useful and practical technology tools for use by individuals and in schools or clinical settings. Additionally, we provide training on methods for incorporating technology into practice and educational settings.

Something Very Big is Brewing at BTS!

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I formed BTS (BehaviorTech Solutions, Inc) 15 years ago because I wanted an outlet for developing and showing others how to use technology in a way that did not create conflicts within my private practice.

Along the way I've written several articles and chapters plus conducted dozens of trainings and presentations detailing ways that I've found technology useful in my clinical practice and in my work with school districts. Perhaps our greatest use of technology is in our LUNCH Groups®Social Skills Programs, currently serving 70 families in our school year programs.

I'm pleased to announce that I will be making many of these tools available to others for use in their school districts and practices. Additionally, I have created a number of tutorials that will be available on a subscription basis to teach clinicians many of the necessary basics and more advanced techniques for completing common but essential technology-related tasks.

I'm looking forward to this new chapter for BehaviorTech and welcome your feedback as we move forward. For a tiny preview, check out our Video of the Day.

Many thanks!

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Bruce M. Gale, PhD
President, BehaviorTech Solutions, Inc.
Beginning in October 2013,we will begin rolling out tools and services available for purchase by licensed and certificated clinicians. School districts can take advantage of volume discounts.

C-BATT (The Comprehensive Behavior Assessment & Treatment Tools)

  • Rapid Screener: An online functionally-based social emotional assessment tool. We use this as part of our initial assessment in LUNCH Groups® plus it is used as part of psychological assessment.
  • Progress Communicator: A personalized behavior tracking and CBT-based tutorial for students and adults. It selectively informs others of the individual's progress in real time.
  • LUNCH Points: A group-based behavior generalization program for improving student behavior across settings. Primarily for use by parents and/or teachers, we use this as an integral component in all of our LUNCH Groups®student programs.
  • Behavior Support Plan Scorer (BSPS) which is based upon my work through PENT and the research conducted by Diana Browning Wright and colleagues, validated by scoring from trained BSP expert who scored over 200 behavior support plans with reliability checks.

Self-Paced Video Courses/Tutorials

Our subscription-based courses and tutorials will help you "get up to speed" in a friendly manner at a pace that is easy to follow. With your subscription you can access our expanding library of tutorials and courses on relevant subjects. Plus, subscribers have access to live webinars and can interact with other subscribers through our exclusive member portal.
Here is a sampling of what you can expect


  • Creating outcome measures for your practice
  • Creating engaging and ethical practice websites that don't cost a fortune and are easy to maintain
  • Keeping your computer and its files safe and secure


  • Useful tools for managing your practice
  • Spreadsheet and database basics
  • Creating HIPAA compliant files
  • Creating safe passwords
  • Understanding cloud computing
  • Copyright and Creative Commons explained
  • Managing email lists for your clients

Want a sneak preview? Click here to view our "Video of the Day."

These come from our licensed library and occasionally may come from other sources. You can expect to find many more targeted and customized videos when we launch this service in September.

Live and Recorded Continuing Education Webinars

We will be offering ongoing live webinars that can also be purchased for on demand listening. Topics will include a range of clinical and school related areas, some with a technology-infused slant.

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